PORTOFINO UNIVERSITY – World-Class Live and Online Training

Founded in Jacksonville, FL in 2005, Portofino University provides certification courses and training for commercial and residential aquatic facility managers, technicians, contractors and owners. The University offers one-on-one technical consulting as well as group training.Custom classes are available.

Jack also travels to various locations for on-site training including the new Professional Pool and Spa Operator (PPSO®) class.

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Participants from around the world come to Jacksonville to attend classes through Portofino University – from Europe, the Middle East, Far East, and South America; most recently from Santiago, Chile. Instructors are also periodically retained to present courses throughout the U.S.

Jack Manilla is an international consultant, entrepreneur, designer, and licensed contractor (#CPC056958).

Jack was retained by the Trinidad Ministry of Sports, a partnership with the Olympic Committee of Trinidad and Tobago, to establish island nation swimming pool maintenance and safety standards. He was also responsible for training and certifying island pool technicians.

Jack was also retained by Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines® to train and certify Asian-Pacific fleet officers and crews on pool/spa operations and safety, during cruises in the western Pacific seas and porting in China, South Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.

For more information on international training and consultation, please call us at (904) 338-0577.