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Dear Mr. Manilla,
This quick note is in favor of our Portofino Site Manager and Service Team for the Bolles School swimming pools. As I was cleaning up and closing the pool the other night, I enjoyed a moment of reflection on how nice the pool and water quality looked following a full day’s use of the facility. It made me think that in my five years on this deck, your team has worked the hardest to remain in constant communication with the coaching staff regarding our water quality. They have been the best at keeping us clean and clear. It is important to them that our facility looks its best on race day and adjusts chemical drops accordingly.

Personally, I appreciate that Portofino is flexible when our school schedule changes for exams, holidays, special events, etc. and we need to put athletes/students in the pool during “Portofino time”. Thankfully, we enjoy ample space and they make it easy to meet our needs and keeps us informed with chemical safety.

Our summer schedule is just around the corner. Between Day Camp, Swim Camp, and our regular club programming, our 15 hour/day schedule does not lend itself to much maintenance time. We appreciate their hustle to get a great deal accomplished in a short period of time.

Personally, I am hopeful that our Portofino Site Manager and Service Team remain as our service staff during my entire tenure.


Dale Porter​

Former Head Coach, Bolles School Sharks



Current Bolles Head Swim Coach, Jon Sakovich, speaks to the importance of water maintenance, as it relates to the health and performance of swimmers.


“We have gone through a lot over the years in maintaining the pool. You see the pool here is a classroom. It’s a classroom that 500 students use every single day in the fall and in the spring. And it’s essential in that classroom – in the same way that we sweep and clean our regular classrooms – that we have clean, healthy water for those children to be able to take their classes in every single day. Portofino has provided that in a very low cost, efficient fashion.”

Terry Bartow

Head of School, Jacksonville Country Day School


Dear Jack,
I want to formally recognize one of your outstanding team members.

The Lodge & Club suffered a serious water main rupture the morning of Tuesday, September 15th. The rupture occurred at the 4″ PVC isolation valve located at the water entry point to the main resort. It is estimated the the initial rupture commenced at close to 0500 in the morning.

Thankfully your staff member was on site conducting routine pool preventive maintenance provided by Portofino Pools and he noticed a significant amount of water entering the garage not long after the rupture. Without hesitation, he immediately contacted the front desk staff and attempted to identify the source of the flooding. Realizing that the flooding was out of control, he then proceeded to salvage the equipment staged on the floor in both the housekeeping storeroom and office. Relying on their previous experience concerning potential water electrocution, the Portofino staff member directed individual not to step into the water without first securing energized electrical equipment. While standing on a non-conduction chair, he removed several computer and time clock electrical plugs from a wall receptacle that was dangerously close to the high water line.

When I arrived on site at 0520, they provided me a detailed briefing on the current flooding conditions and his remedial actions. Since day one, I have been impressed with your staff member’s performance while maintaining the aquatics at The Lodge & Club, but their actions that morning went well beyond what is expected. Please pass on my heartfelt gratitude and that their hard work does not go unnoticed.

Very Respectfully,

Scott J. Fogg

The Lodge & Club

I wanted to let you know what a pleasure it was doing business with Portofino. Your entire staff was wonderful.

Renee is so pleasant when she answers the phone. She was very nice to work with. I appreciated her input and personal attention with helping me make decisions. Jeremy took time out of his evening one night to stop by our house. I felt his priority was making the customer happy.

The plaster guys were very respectful. They were great about letting me know what they were doing next. They always left the work area cleaned up. Dudley also checked in with us periodically to make sure everything was going well. He was nice enough to return some items I had borrowed from Renee on several different occasions.

I truly felt like everyone wanted to make sure that we were satisfied customers. That really means a lot.

Your staff is exceptional!

Kindest Regards

Susan Johnson

I really appreciate you and your team of professionals for taking care of the pool/spa at One Ocean.

It’s nice to have a great company to work with – been that way since day one!


Looking forward to working with you. You were correct in advising that Portofino’s pricing is not the lowest but for the overall value, it was a pretty easy decision.  Your proposal was by far the most comprehensive and complete, and we feel very comfortable moving forward with Portofino.

Larry, Ponte Vedra, FL 

Thank you for all your company has done to keep our pool phenomenal!