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Online Classes – Commercial Pools

NSPF® 8 hour Fusion – CPO® Certified Pool Operator Primer™ 1st day online and Fusion 2nd day live classroom (Includes Handbook)
This engaging program is a great stand-alone online training program or the 1st step towards earning your CPO® certification. The eight-lesson, self-paced curriculum covers the material in the 18 chapters of the NSPF® Pool & Spa Operator™ Handbook on pool operation and safety.

Understanding fundamentals of pool and spa operation reduces risk and creates value for your customers.

The online program includes interactive activities, video demonstrations, and quizzes at the end of each lesson to help with information retention. Students have access to the Pool Operator Primer™ online course for a six month period, which gives the student the opportunity to review the material several times.

Successful completion of all eight lessons earns a Record of Completion. You must also complete the live class room portion and pass the exam to receive your Certified Pool Operator certification.



NSPF® – CPO ® Certified Pool Operator On-line Primer™ Only (Includes Handbook)
Pre-requisite on-line course available at e-ProAcademy™



NSPF® Field Service Professional Online Training
NSPF is launching a new online course for both new and seasoned pool operators and service pros who wish to master the art of routine pool maintenance.

The course addresses residential and commercial pools and spas with how-to videos to provide an interactive learning experience about circulation systems, heaters, cleaning and vacuuming systems, automatic controllers, and acid washing. Each section features three to four videos such as “How to Clean the Hair and Lint Strainer” or “How to Perform a Backwash.”

Course participants will also receive 13 maintenance checklists that can be used on the job site, along with a 38-page printable resource guide.



NSPF® Aquatic Risk Management Course
Includes a NSPF® Aquatic Risk Management Handbook, Personal Copies of the Federal Virginia Graeme Baker Act as well as State Pool Code and Course Certificate.

This course is a must for Pool Owners and Boards and Property Managers. Managing and safely maintaining a swimming pool demands a great deal of knowledge, management, time, effort and money. Our Aquatic Risk Management Course will assist you with minimizing liability, Emergency Response Planning, proper disinfection and sanitization. You will also learn how the Federal Virginia Graeme Baker Act, Florida Swimming Pool Code and the Fecal Incident Response recommendations from the National Center for Disease Control affect you.



NSPF® Emergency Response Planning Course
The online course provides students with a NSPF® Aquatic Management Series, Volume 2, Emergency Response Planning Handbook and a Course Certificate.

Employers have a responsibility to outline emergency response procedures in emergency plans. Employees have a responsibility to follow those plans. In this training course, you will learn what is required in such a plan and your responsibilities regarding the plan, training and requirements for alarm systems, fire prevention plans and measures, emergency vehicle access and exit routes as well as aquatic emergency response plans. You will also learn the employee responsibilities of responding to weather-related disasters, natural disasters, bomb threats, fire, workplace violence, and hazard material spills. This course is a must for Pool Owners as well as Boards, Property and Facility Managers.