Portofino’s “BluDiamond StandardSM

Portofino Pool Service & Outdoor Living has developed the ultimate standard for swimming pool and backyard maintenance and repair. We call it “The BluDiamond StandardSM.”

Portofino Pools and Outdoor Living was built on a foundation of excellence and dedication to providing the highest quality pool care and service to our customers, both commercial and residential. This insistence on superior performance is what we call “The BluDiamond StandardSM.”

Unquestionably and unfailingly “a cut above”, our team can meet any commercial or residential swimming pool and outdoor living needs, no matter how stringent they may be.

For example, Portofino serves the ultra-demanding needs of the most prestigious 5-star facilities and resorts in all of northeast Florida. From round-the-clock service to middle-of-the-night services, the certified professionals at Portofino Pools do whatever it takes to keep commercial and residential waterscapes spectacular at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Every Portofino Pools support program is uniquely designed and customized to meet the exact needs of your facility. That’s what we call “The BluDiamond StandardSM of Service.”


The BluDiamond StandardsSM of Behavior

The BluDiamond StandardSM is not just a buzzword around here. It’s part of our unique management operating system which measures employee performance based on meeting the desired “BluDiamond Behaviors.” Our supervisors meet one-on-one with each employee 12 times per year to review their progress in meeting the most challenging work standards in the swimming pool industry.

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DESIRED BEHAVIOR Definition of Behavior
Patience Showing self-control
Kindness Giving attention, appreciation, and encouragement
Humility Being authentic without pretense or arrogance
Selfessness Meeting the needs of others
Forgiveness Giving up resentment when wronged
Honesty Being free from deception
Commitment Sticking to your choices

(From “The Servant” by James C. Hunter)

Supervisors use these face to face opportunities to counsel field and office employees on improving their Scorecard results (get bigger bonuses) and building personal character. We simplified it for meaningful understanding via monthly 360 BluDiamond reviews and weekly scorecard performance results to goals.

  1. Mission, Purpose, Values & Beliefs (Must align with Portofino’s)
  2. Individual Characteristics (Listed in the 12 Standards below. New Hire Candidates are interviewed to discover if the align and match the company’s. )
  3. Individual Weekly Work Performance Scorecard Results to Goals
  4. Desired Service Behaviors (attached)

We conduct one on one, 360 performance reviews with every employee every month. Just one of the 12 are selected each month, and 8 to 12 key aspects of it are scored. The broad intent is to build & develop high character, raise values, and produce a professional employee that is a “cut above” competitors and sets the standard for the industry. Thus every employee understands the requirements of the job, and willingly provides a higher level of service to our clients. The process does several things:

  1. Makes them aware of them,
  2. Purposely cause them to think about each them
  3. They & their direct supervisor, measure themselves on a scale of 0.00 to 10.00
  4. Encourages them to consider changing themselves to meet a “higher” standard
  5. Their weekly scorecard results versus goals are also discussed at the same time providing opportunity to counsel on improvement, train, etc.
  6. To remain employed must achieve an average 8.0 monthly rating
  7. To be eligible for quarterly bonuses an employee must qualify by achieving a 8.5 bludiamond rating
  8. Also to be eligible and employee must and achieve certain weekly scorecard goals which are cumulative monthly, quarterly, semi-annually and annually.
  9. Annual recognition is given to “top achievers” with plaques, cash, and additional vacation days.

“Think, Develop, and Practice BluDiamond Behaviors daily and your relationships will blossom.”

Jack Manilla, Founder of Portofino Pools

To find out what The BluDiamond StandardSM might look like for your facility, please give us a call at (904) 731-3144, or email us at info@portofinopools.com.